Deeper into Mary Robinette Kowal’s Process (SPOILERS!) for “Artisanal Trucking, LLC”

Mary Robinette Kowal was gracious enough to share her writing and teaching process with us, and in turn you, dear readers! Please take note that if you haven’t read “Artisanal Trucking, LLC” yet, these documents contain SPOILERS.

First, there is an initial brainstorming sheet that she has created to be filled in: Mary’s Plot Process Steps.

Next, turns this sheet into an outline: Mary’s Outline Demo.

Lastly, she begins writing directly atop the outline, adjusting as she goes: Mary’s story sample – Artisinal Trucking.


We hope this helps you better understand her process, and perhaps it may help you sort out your own ideas before you (hopefully!) send them off to us, here at Asimov’s!

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